The salary range for people working in Hungary in Marketing, Advertising, PR is typically from 306,888 Ft (minimum salary) to 766,869 Ft (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the total monthly salary including bonuses. Salaries can vary drastically among different job positions. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, please choose it from the list.

Gross monthly salary in category Marketing, Advertising, PR
10% earn less 307K Ft
10% earns more 767K Ft
Salaries may vary by position, the value given is indicative.

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The table shows the average gross monthly salary in Hungary. Indicate the position at which you work and take part in the survey.

Account Executive

313,893 - 778,410 Ft
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Account Manager

378,830 - 768,532 Ft
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CRM specialist

469,712 - 954,688 Ft
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276,007 - 730,252 Ft
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Digital marketing manager

299,246 - 819,261 Ft
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Digital marketing specialist

299,696 - 753,087 Ft
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Graphic Designer

270,649 - 597,447 Ft
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Internal Communication Specialist

342,214 - 706,354 Ft
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Marketing Analyst

314,137 - 820,881 Ft
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Marketing Officer

275,726 - 585,733 Ft
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Marketing Specialist

362,230 - 684,025 Ft
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Media Buyer

276,553 - 705,865 Ft
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Media Planner

311,982 - 527,495 Ft
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PPC specialist

300,174 - 575,137 Ft
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PR Manager

336,193 - 706,088 Ft
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Product Marketing Manager

370,728 - 858,997 Ft
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Promotional Assistant

184,982 - 545,105 Ft
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SEO analyst

331,717 - 696,651 Ft
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Social media specialist

300,578 - 630,584 Ft
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