Fizetesek.hu – participation in the survey now more advantageous

In its continued effort to adjust to the needs and wishes of its visitors, the Fizetesek.hu portal now offers a new feature. Each visitor who fills out a questionnaire on the site is rewarded with a better-quality, more user-friendly output.

What are the new features specifically?

The comparison of your average gross monthly salary with the gross salary of other survey participants in the compared position is now visually more appealing, which gives the output greater clarity and increases its information value.

The added value of the new output is information about the number of candidates for each specific job vacancy. This information may also serve users as an indicator of the attractiveness of the position in the job market.

From now on, the questionnaire results also contain a selection of current job vacancies in the selected region. Detailed information about the specific job vacancies and other positions on offer can be obtained once you follow a link that redirects you to the pages of the Workania.hu job portal.

We have also added graphical indicators of net, gross and super gross salaries, which will inform you how much you cost your employer.

How to get ahead in one’s career, when is the right opportunity for talking to your boss, what arguments to use and answers to similar questions can be found in the expert article with the title How and when to negotiate a pay rise? What are the reasons for a pay rise? The expert article is a complimentary gift to each person who fills out the questionnaire concerning the job position and gives a valid e-mail address.

The PayLab company module is dedicated to survey users interested in more specific information on salaries. The comparison of basic percentiles of a salary with the competition, analyses of salaries for the position based on comparing education, location, length of experience, company size and company ownership type along with other data continue to be available on the site www.fizetesek.hu/en/paylab.

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