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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Machine Operator, Machinist Construction & Real Estate Budapest n/a <24 360,000 Ft
gender_icon Call Operator Administration Budapest n/a 55+ 483,333 Ft
gender_icon Graphic Journalism, Printing Arts & Media Makó n/a 35-44 210,000 Ft
gender_icon Project Manager Management Budapest n/a 25-34 600,000 Ft
gender_icon Project Coordinator Administration Szeged n/a 45-54 390,000 Ft
gender_icon Data analyst Economy, Finance, Accountancy Érd n/a 35-44 798,333 Ft
gender_icon Operations Manager Top Management Budapest large company 1,200,000 Ft
gender_icon Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineering Debrecen n/a 25-34 579,167 Ft
gender_icon Pharmacist Pharmaceutical Industry Budapest n/a <24 416,667 Ft
gender_icon Payroll Clerk Economy, Finance, Accountancy Budapest large company 25-34 420,000 Ft