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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Warehouse Manager Management Tata n/a 1,088 EUR
gender_icon Office Manager Administration Budapest small company (up to 50 employees) 45-54 1,383 EUR
gender_icon Security Guard Security & Protection Budapest n/a 35-44 759 EUR
gender_icon Client officer Banking Budapest n/a 1,897 EUR
gender_icon Sales Director Top Management Budapest n/a 45-54 2,562 EUR
gender_icon Backend developer Information Technology Budapest n/a 35-44 2,783 EUR
gender_icon Technical Writer Information Technology Budapest n/a 1,353 EUR
gender_icon Translator Translating, interpreting Budapest n/a 1,880 EUR
gender_icon IT Tester Information Technology Budapest n/a 2,003 EUR
gender_icon University Teacher Education, Science & Research Budapest large company (250 or more employees) 45-54 1,918 EUR